European Union funds

The newly-convened team of bright, young employees has won subsequent projects for the School.

They are:

  • Education is Your Chance,
  • Education – Investment in a Human Being,
  • Socially Responsible University,
  • The Modern Pedagogist,
  • The Workshop of Leaders – The School of Mentors,
  • The Modern Lecturer – Tutor and Coach,
  • The Creative Humanist,
  • Key Competencies – a Way to a Career,
  • West-Pomeranian Centre for Support of Socio-Economic Processes,
  • Entrepreneurial University,

as well as 7 projects related to the education of social workers.

The are targeted at the implementation of the following goals:

  • raising competitiveness and adaptation abilities in view of new challenges,
  • enhancing the ability of using information technologies by students and academic staff,
  • enabling studying and raising qualifications for persons with disabilities


Department of Cooperation and International Projects

Janusz Korczak Pedagogical University in Warsaw

 Pandy 13 Street, 02-202 Warsaw

 22 823 66 23 extension 114 and 128